Everything you need to know about AJJ's in-store performance and signing at Creep!

Everything you need to know about AJJ's in-store performance and signing at Creep!

We're so excited to celebrate the release of AJJ's brand new record, Disposable Everything, with you at their in-store performance and signing at Creep! To those that pre-ordered the record, thanks for choosing to be a part of this super fun and exclusive event with us.

Since we're now just a little over 1 week away from the day (we know, crazy), we thought we'd roll out some key information about the day to make it as stress-free and smooth-running so everyone involved has nothing but a good time! Read on to know what to expect.

Date: Saturday, May 27th

Event Time4pm (but show up early to get checked in!)

Creep Records
606-608 N 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 18954

Event Prep: Pre-ordering a copy of AJJ's new record, Disposable Everything, counts as granted access to this event. 1 pre-order = 1 ticket to the event (if you pre-ordered 2 records, you have 2 tickets to the event, etc). If you've already done this, you're golden! The event is currently sold out.

Day of Event: We'll be closing the shop a couple of hours prior to the event to allow ample time for setup and room for everyone attending.

EDIT: Show up 30 minutes prior to the event start time and come to the FRONT DOOR with your ID ready to grab your wristband (more specifically, the ID corresponding to the name on your pre-order purchase from our website). One of us will be sitting outside and will check your name off of the list. At this point, you will be considered checked in for the performance!

After the performance, we'll ask everyone to exit the shop and form a line so we can begin filtering people back in for the signing. EDIT: THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR RECORD. We'll know who's participating because of those trusty wristbands! *Only those with a wrist band will be permitted to re-enter for the signing*

Once you meet the band and get your record signed, we'll ask you to exit again - we want to make sure there's as efficient of a flow as possible so no one feels rushed toward the end!

Lastly, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @creeprecordshop for any updates. We can't wait to sing along to AJJ with you - see you there!

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