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A Year To Forget - Apostasy

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They had just finished recording their second full length in the basement of 1307, the house some of them lived in and their practice space. Their good friend Jim had set up a pretty decent studio in the basement and he did a great job and they had worked hard on it.

Before they could release it, Arik from Creep Records approached the band about recording a record for the label. They agreed but they understood it meant re-recording the record at the Creep House in Downingtown.

They ended up using most of the songs, got rid of a few, and writing a handful of new ones before they went into the studio.

They spent every day for a week recording, which is still the longest they had been in the studio consecutively.

Mike Bardzik came in and got the drum sounds (which sound great) and Arik did the rest. Arik managed to make it sound like a real, honest to goodness record despite our best efforts. He did an awesome job.