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Arrested Development - For The Fkn Love

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There isn’t a sound, a style, or marque that can match the caliber of the iconic, legendary Hip Hop group Arrested Development, so it only makes sense that devoted fans across the globe are in craze listening to the new album ‘For The FKN Love.’ This is the first album the group collaborated with equally scaled artists making this their best release to date. The star-studded cast includes Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Monie Love, Fatman Scoop, Freddie Foxxx, The Sugar Hill Gang, KXNG Crooked, G. Love, Tony Momrelle, and that’s only naming a few!

The album even features Weekly Rap God’s very own Tap Da Mic cohost Twan Mack and other vetted artists such as Dell-P, Lish, Ke’andra, 4ize, Twisted Royalty, Cleveland P. Jones, MRK SX & Janah. The 17-track album is executively produced by front-man Speech and British boom-bap wiz Configa.