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Buglite - Those Days

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After three years together countless shows, a handful of ep’s and a full length Buglite ended in 1997 while on tour in Florida. We quietly drove home and went our separate ways for a minute. It was in that window of time we decided to go to Cleveland to record 12 or so new songs we had been working on and play one final show at a barn in the middle of Pennsylvania. 

Cut to 2021 somewhere along the way while working on a new Goddamnit(band I’ve been in with Arik from Creep Records/Super High Five for over 10 years now) record we joked about a Buglite collection LP. So here we are a year later the LP is ready for the world. Titled “Those Days” the record is those songs we recorded at the end as well as our 10 remastered versions of favorite songs from the seven inches. Of course Dave our fearless leader and artist did some new artwork to really complete the whole thing. We hope you having as much fun listening to it and reminiscing as we did putting it all together…..Kyle 


  1. We could
  2. What we had
  3. Lost + Found
  4. Good nite
  5. Secrets
  6. Words Untold
  7. She said
  8. 21 Days
  9. Rooftop Dreams
  10. XAKK
  11. Windowsill
  12. Picture


  1. I See You
  2. This Day
  3. I’m Gone
  4. Just A Dream
  5. Marcia
  6. Leaves
  7. Miles Apart
  8. Too much Sugar
  9. Thought About You
  10. She’ll Be Mine