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Chat Pile - This Dungeon Earth / Remove Your Skin Please (Creep Records Exclusive Purple Ooze Vinyl)

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Throughout parts of the mid-western United States lie towering mounds of the waste residue from early 20th Century lead mining operations. Comprised of what is known as "chat," these hills of toxic, metallic dust dot the countryside as if they were headstones for communities destroyed by industrialization such as Picher, Oklahoma. These effigies would come to be the namesake for the Oklahoma based band, Chat Pile, whose grotesque and pummeling brand of noise rock has managed to terrorize listeners worldwide in only a matter of months.

What bandcampers are saying -

Darryl Shepard - Currently my favorite thing to listen to. Like a brawl between The Birthday Party, Big Black, Godflesh and The Jesus Lizard and everyone is on bath salts. I absolutely love this EP. Favorite track: Dallas Beltway.

bowzilla666 - This is what you get if Khanate and Oxbow had a baby... that was addicted to riff.

Rorschach Roulette - So unhinged it is truly beautiful.
I absolutely love the transitions from melancholy wailing to elbow throwing breakdowns. When you play Boston, I’ll be the guy losing his shit in the pit. Favorite track on 1st EP: Crawlspace.

Rorschach Roulette - I don’t always lose my mind. But when I do, this album is the soundtrack.
Favorite track from 2nd EP: Mask.

cliff 'em' all - This band is like Helmet on heroin having a mental breakdown. It makes me uncomfortable in the best kind of way. Favorite track: Crawlspace.

Mason Tomlinson - Ew! They’re the best parts of sludge, doom, and noise trash compacted into one gross pile of a band. <3 Love ya! Favorite track: Rat Boy.

carolinedraws - Scuzzy, filthy, hooky, as infectious as pink eye. Favorite track: Crawlspace.

Brian Glanville - The most exciting noise-rock I've heard in a long, long time. This Dungeon Earth reveals something new on every listen. Crawlspace made the least impression on me at first only to now be my favourite track and one I listened to about twenty times in a row once it sunk its claws into me. I really hope there's a full-length to follow because this release is absolutely phenomenal. Favorite track: Crawlspace.

Grim TrashCan - Reminiscent of a snarling Harvey Milk/Helmet inspired textural drop into depravity. Tremendous. Favorite track: Rainbow Meat.

dbizzles - Walloping plate of noise rock served up xxxtra thicc. Favorite track: Face.

fenn - It makes me feel uncomfortably at ease.

This variant is pressed on Purple Ooze vinyl and limited to 100 copies! Orders will begin shipping Friday, September 1st.