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Crossed Keys - Believes In You

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We know the last few years have been tough for everyone. It takes a little extra effort just to get out of bed. Recognizing that we’re all in this together, CROSSED KEYS BELIEVES IN YOU.

“I need an ounce of kindness, a little saving grace, a little more forgiveness,” sings vocalist Joshua Alvarez (Cinepunx, Halo of Snakes) on If You Don’t Love Yourself recalling the self-doubt we have all faced in growing old and major life changes. Crossed Keys is no exception. In the time since their last release, Alvarez, joined by drummer Dave Wagenschutz (Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance), bassist Andrew Wellbrock (Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer), and guitarists Beau Brendley (The Curse, Kill The Man Who Questions) and Dave Adoff (Step Ahead), channeled the loss and growth of the last three years into 10 cathartic anthems on BELIEVES IN YOU, the band’s debut full-length released jointly between Creep Records, Dead Satellite Records and Sell The Heart Records.

BELIEVES IN YOU was a team effort. Recording started at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia with Andy Clarke (Spirit of the Beehive, The Wonder Years) and Dave Klyman (Restorations) before making its way down to Salad Days Studio to track vocals with Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere). The record was mixed by Steve Evetts (Saves The Day, Dillinger Escape Plan) before returning to Andy Clarke for mastering. The layout was put together with some help from local photographers and Justin Gray (Suicide Machines, MXPX).

1. Victim Complex
2. RIP Arch Street
3. If You Don’t Love Yourself
4. Film Score
5. Middle Light
6. Vina Park
7. Stranger Danger
8. Pucho
9. Rot Troll
10. Who We Never Were

Blue/Orange split - 150 (Dead Satellite/Band exclusive)
Gold - 350 (Creep/Sell The Heart exclusive)

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