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Ghostface Killah - Killah Christmas LP (Creep Exclusive)(Green Vinyl)

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The Wu-Tang Clan legend released his first-ever Christmas album, Killah Christmas. The project features six new tracks with guest appearances from longtime partner-in-rhyme Raekwon, as well as Reek Da Villain, Nizzle Man and Billy Ski-Mask. Ghostface Killah is critically acclaimed for his loud, fast-paced flow, and his emotional stream-of-consciousness narratives containing cryptic slang and non-sequiturs. In 2006, MTV included him as an "honourable mention" on their list of the "Greatest MCs of All Time", while the editors of placed him on their list of the "Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987-2007)", calling him "one of the most imaginative storytellers of our time." Q magazine called him "rap's finest storyteller." Pitchfork Media has stated that "Ghostface has unparalleled storytelling instincts; he might be the best, most colorful storyteller rap has ever seen."NPR has called him "a compulsive storyteller", and asserts that "his fiction is painterly."


Track Listing

1. Holiday Schemin (Ft. Nizzle Man)

2. Figure It Out

3. CL30

4. Sweet Violence (Bob James)(Ft. Raekwon The Chef)

5. Murder Murder Merry X-Mas

6. The Clean Up (Ft. Billy Ski-Mask & Reek Da Villan)