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Infant Mortality - Infamous

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Although Infant Mortality has been around since 1989, “Infamous” is the band’s debut album. “Infamous” is an absolute assault, with a wholly unique sound, though it’s clear the band was influenced by music made prior to 1984. There is no fakeness or commercial elements to Infant Mortality, and absolutely no songs on “Infamous” are fit for radio airplay. For punk and hardcore purists who have a profound distaste for the current sound of today’s punk and hardcore, “Infamous” is a much-needed blast from the past. “Infamous” was produced by Arik Victor and Pat Society of Violated Records.

Without a doubt, if you haven’t heard this band before, prepare to be blown away. Their songs are about street fights, probation, being homeless, alienation and despising society. “Infamous” will hit the core of many people … and hit it hard.

We at Violated Records are thrilled to be doing this release … even if it’s 20 years later than it should have been.

Never mind the plastic bands … this is INFANT MORTALITY!