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Newtown Neurotics - Triumph Over Adversity

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Hailing from Harlow, Essex in the U.K. the Newtown Neurotics were formed in 1979 by guitarist Steve Drewett and Colin “Dredd” Masters. With the addition of Simon Lomond on drums in 1981 this line-up would prove to be one of Britain’s most politically fueled punk bands of the 1980’s. Their music was heavily influenced by the Ramones and The Clash and featured insightful politically charged lyrics. The Newtown Neurotics were in a class of their own, with songs as catchy as The Jam . The band released a series of singles from 1979-1987 as well as a classic full length album “Beggars Can Be Choosers” on Razor Records in 1983. They were also featured on the “Punk and Disorderly III” compilation on Anagram Records, with their classic “Kick out the Tories” which would cement their legacy in punk forever.

During the mid 1980s, the band dropped the "Newtown" from its name and simply became The Neurotics; along with the name change also came a slight change in their sound with the addition of horn arrangements and slower tempos. The band was well receipted throughout the U.K. as well as main land Europe. They released two more albums on Jungle Records before calling it a day in October of 1988.
Triumph Over Adversity is an amazing document of a live performance at Brunel University from April 4th 1987, where the band was forced to play late as there was a bomb threat earlier in the evening. This live CD is superior in sound quality and features songs from all 3 of their studio albums. Triumph Over Adversity is explosive in performance and features the famous social-political lyrics the band was known for. This album features no overdubs or any mixing unlike most “live” albums. Triumph Over Adversity records the Newtown Neurotics at the peak of their popularity. This release is a great retrospect of the band and a great tribute to The Neurotics bassist Colin Dredd, who recently passed away April 25th 2015 after a long illness.

With a line-up of Steve Drewett (vocals/ guitar), Simon Lomond and new bassist Adam Smith, The Newtown Neurotics still continue to play some of Punk’s biggest festivals all over the world and will be a main attraction at 2016’s Rebellion Festival at Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Track Listing:
1. Wake up
2. Never Hold Your Tongue
3. Airstrip One
4. Sects
5. Angela
6. Fighting Times
7. Newtown People
8. Africa
9. Stand By Me
10. This Fragile Life
11. Keep The Faith
12. Take Strike Action
13. Living With Unemployment
14. You Must Be Mad