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PRE-ORDER: Tipper - Forward Escape (Gatefold 2xLP)

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A decade after its initial release of only 300 copies, Tipper's "Forward Escape" is being offered once more in vinyl format to the legions of fans who sought this vaunted platter for their collection since. Blissfully naive the pressing would be so well received, the 300 copies Tipper self-funded was intended more a physical nod to the album artwork from Android Jones than as the highly sought after and rare collectible these became later. This 2024 'redux' adds a bonus track (Gratis) and updated mixes of each track to separate it from the original release, and the artwork has also received a re-working from the original artist (thus preserving the valuation of those 300 rare copies that have received mythical status in the reselling market over time).


A1 - Portal Spillage
A2 - Dreamsters
A3 - Homage Sliders

B1 - Table Flipping
B2 - Gulch
B3 - Grabbers Holders

C1 - The Bedraggling
C2 - Life Raft For a Death Trip
C3 - The Re-Up

D1 - Apex of the Vortex
D2 - Rip Cord
D3 - Reverse Dros Maneuver
D4 - Gratis

Orders will be available for delivery or in-store pickup the weekend of March 22nd, 2024!