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Serial Killers - Roadside Rendezvous

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What do you get when you mix 1980's punk rock with buckets of blood, pro-wrestling, and a love of horror flicks? REPTILIAN joins forces with CREEP RECORDS and returns to the scene of the crime (Philadelphia 1987) to exhume the splatter-punk classic LP "Roadside Rendezvous" by the notorious criminal quartet known as THE SERIAL KILLERS!
Remastered from the original vinyl with their classic follow-up single added, along with a 12 page band history full of photos, flyers, and astounding tales of debauchery penned by lead vocalist and expert raconteur Paul Bearer (the King of Philadelphia in exile).

Track listing:
Graveyard Serenade
The Illegitimate Son of Ed Gein
I Am the King
Love Letter to Jamie Lee Curtis
Blood 'n' Guts and Rock 'n' Roll
Teenage Bloodlust
Dead Bitch
Dark Side of the Serial Killers
Serial Killer, Part Two
Heidnik's House of Horrors
20th Century Cannibal