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Styles P & Havoc - Wreckage Manner

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Wreckage Manner is the collaborative project between Mobb Deep’s Havoc and The Lox’ Styles P. Produced by Hav, each song contains the skillful wordsmithing that anchored both juggernaut groups.   “Nightmares 2 Dream.” 
We all saw them. United as brothers, who had easily four decades of relational honesty, creative ingenuity, and economic prosperity undergirding their flawless victory in this unconventional song battle. And we thought … for a moment … like an ill Hip-Hop dream that you might ask the Good Lord to make come true … “What if …Hip-Hop was birthed out of “what ifs.” And so was Wreckage Manner.

They talked about the craft of emceeing, the kinship of their era, and why this project is a must-have in any music lover’s stream library.
Moreover, it is the adoption of the brother left alone by the cruel abandonment of death, to be reborn as a stronger and more evolved man. Mostly, figuring it out on his own, but also through the friendships of another brother.