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The Droogettes - Clockwork Girls

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A Clockwork Orange themed all-girl Oi! band, The Droogettes were formed by Philadelphia area based musicians: Rachel Starlett, Frankie and Jen Reiling in the fall of 2012

The Droogettes vision was clear from their earliest conception, to provide the Punk and Oi! movement with an all-female alternative to a scene that is mostly dominated by males.

The Droogettes have shared the stage with some great punk hierarchy so far, with support slots for bands such as: D.I., The Business, The Dickies, Infa Riot, The Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs.

Track Listing
1 Verse & Chaos
2 Bitter Old Man
3 Tiki Bar
4 Teenage Nights
5 No Apologies
6 Make Boys Dance
7 Boots on the Floor
8 No Time
9 Keep on Drinking
10 Best Oi! Times
11 Little Boy Bombs
12 The Adict
13 Fun with Guns
14 Bovver Girl
15 We (Still) Don't Love You
16 You're Doing Yourself No Good